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ALERT: There are significant delays in locating response times in some areas of Manitoba. It may take up to 10-14 days for you to receive a response to your request. Manitoba Common Ground Alliance and ClickBeforeYouDigMB are working with their members to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Click HERE for an update from the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance. Thank you for your patience.

A locate request submitted from this site is not considered processed until you have received an email containing a Ticket Number and a list of utility owners we have notified on your behalf.

You are not clear to excavate until all utilities have been located. It is the excavator’s responsibility to make sure there is no damage to the located utilities during excavation, and placing a request with does not remove that responsibility.

A Minimum of Three Full Working Days Notice is Required. Locate response times may vary. reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to reject a locate request placed through this site if it deems that request unacceptable. will not be liable or responsible for lost, misdirected or unprocessed requests submitted from this site.

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To submit an emergency locate request, contact us at: 1.800.940.3447